An Introduction

"Odisha Resource Persons’ Forum (ORPF) – The Pan India Initiative" is a non-political, not-for-profit, professionally managed development organisation.
The focus of ORPF is qualitative capacity building including training, research, study and documentation orientated activities by its pool of skilful Resource Persons & Dev-Tech Experts. ORPF humbly espoused and committed to the pool of Resource Persons and multiple stakeholders in the field of human development through its Resource Persons by assuming noble role of empowering, awakening and educating through various skill sets, knowledge & attitudinal development.
The changing social development scenario not only has opened up wider avenues and technological opportunities to bring desired social change; but created ample scope for learning and utilization of knowledge, expertise and experiences of people who have been committed to such fields since years.
However, the experience and the current profile of such resourceful people give us a picture of un-utilization and under-utilization of their expertise in appropriate platform(s). This has been a matter of concern for those who have planned to go for a common platform to create an appropriate facilitating environment that would sustain and harness their resources to serve the needs of the multiple stakeholders.

Vision :

To create a pro-active and empowered society identifying, recognizing, building and facilitating a pool of resourceful professionals to participate and contribute to the agencies such as various Government Line Departments/ Programmes/ Schemes, Civil Society Organisations, Corporate Houses for CSR Activities, National & International Development Agencies that undertake / foster such activities through providing quality services/inputs/deliverables.

To supplement the UN declaration (Sustainable Development Goal) at every level to ensure the role of empowerment & facilitation for innovations and change, with multi-sector networks, active collaboration and support.

Quality Policy :

Mutually supportive and shared leadership with knowledge and experience pool at different level of conducting/facilitating capacity building programmes

Professional Alliance :

ORPF is building up its strategic alliance with international and domestic consulting and professional and development organisations for executing assignments requiring diverse set of inputs from range of disciplines. On such projects we add to our team capability, experiences of experts and advisors in range of disciplines in policy, economics, management, governance, social development, study and research

Services :

ORPF focuses on consulting assignments on functional areas cutting across various thematic sectors including Not For Profit Organisations & Government Services; CSR Bodies, Livelihoods (Micro-Credit & Micro-Enterprise) & Natural Resource Management; and Social & Rural Development such as:

Education Services Training Courses, Exposures, Apprenticeships
Capacity Building In-house, tailor made management training courses (1-5 days duration)
Open Courses (Delivered throughout India at various locations)
Management & Leadership development programs (From 1 - 4 Weeks)
Micro Enterprise Finance & Livelihood Training
Training of Trainers
Executive & programmatic coaching & Mentoring
In-House Institutional Development Facilitation
Economics & Management Sub-Sector studies
Economic research and situation analysis
Social and Financial inclusion strategy
Governance & Institutional Strengthening Institutional appraisal & review
Capacity building needs assessment (CBNA) and programme
Institutional Development &Organisational Change
Social Research & Assessment Baseline study, poverty assessment and R & R Needs Assessment
Review of social strategy and community participation
Monitoring & Evaluation
Impact Assessment
Project Planning & Management Project planning and implementation
Planning and design of community and civil society participation
Training and capacity building of project management and support organisations
Concurrent project monitoring and management
Project Mentoring
Others on Demand As ORPF grows over time, we shall take up client specific and tailor made
consulting assignments in tune with emerging challenges of the sector(s)


ORPF’s principal resources are from various discipline areas from management and social development including CSR. All the key resources of the organisation have previously worked with reputed consultancies and development organisations for a substantial period of time and a number of them are Team Leads or Agency Leads by themselves. The organisation has about five Advisors from various disciplines and have a team of committed full time support staff. ORPF engages its internal pool of experts on assignment specific requirement and most of these professional are being involved on a regular basis with various assignments.
Our pool of resource persons/ team of highly skilled and experienced trainers and consultants have all had distinguished careers in senior management roles and bring with them a wealth of practical experience to each assignment. At ORPF, we will design and deliver a solution that suits the client’s specific needs addressing the issues and requirements and that best fits one’s culture, learning style and ways of working.

Our Key Unique Selling Point

"Practical and Quality Study/Assessment, Capacity Enhancement/ training delivered by Resource Person(s) experienced in the sector. Where we really make a difference is how we help your staff/ managers to embed and implement the learning after the assignment. We offer post assignment support to make this happen so you get a real, tangible return on your investment"

ORPF Pool of Resource Persons/Experts/Trainers Have Worked With...

Credibility & Trust are 2 important factors when selecting an external facilitating agency as you want that you are in safe hands. Our Experts/Trainers have facilitated/ delivered assignments/ trainings to over 100 different Govt., Non-Govt., Corporate and International Organisations that include: SIRD & Panchaytiraj, NIRD, National Health Mission, Odisha Livelihood Mission, Other State Govt. Deptts. like; General Administration, Agriculture, Rural Development, Forest, Education and Women & Child Dev. Deptt.

Looking to IMPROVE the Effectiveness of Your New or Existing Staff ?

We can help your Staff / Managers to......

Make the transition from being "managers" into "leaders"
performance issues more effectively like lateness and poor performance
Motivate and build their teams into high performing units
Coach and develop their staff regularly and consistently
Lead and implement your aggressive change agenda
Plan out and manage their time and their workloads more effectively
Delegate work in an empowering way
Improve their communication and soft skills - working with others to achieve results
Handle conflict in an appropriate manner
Improve bottom line performance measures like sales, service and satisfaction
Chair team meetings so that they finish on time with actionable output
Make arrangement for Need based assignments and training courses at various locations throughout India.

Why Should You Choose ORPF?

Selecting a resource person and/or training provider can be a daunting experience as you’ve got to cut through the fog of agency brochures and unique selling propositions and then you’ve got to determine whether they are a good fit for your organisation and if they will really make a difference to your business ! Here are the main reasons why our existing clients chose ORPF over all others: Practical “Real World” Training/ Assignments
Unrivalled Sector Leading Post Training / Assignment Support
Flexible Solutions
Relevant Sector Experience

Firstly, all of our Experts/Trainers have been senior managers in previous assignments. We feel that this is very important as the Expert/Trainer can relate to the pressures and the challenges that your staff and your organization are facing now and in the future.

Secondly, your Experts/Trainers will have had experience of the sector. We do not simply select a Expert/Trainer that is available. We will match the right Expert/Trainer to the right sector who can speak your “language” and knows the challenges that you and the sector faces.

Finally, the Expert/Trainer’s style has to be right. That’s why we make sure that you get to meet the Expert/Trainer very early on in our discussions.

ORPF Techno-Managerial Services

Organisational Development
Monitoring & Evaluation
Institutional Development Support
Capacity Building /Training and Facilitating Processes
Education Services: Training Courses, Exposures, Apprenticeships
Management Services
Study, Assessment, Survey, Evaluation

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